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We here at Excels own and operate 8 dry cleaning outlets. From experience we realize the importance of having emergency cover for those times when plant and machinery inevitably breakdown.

The panic caused by unexpected machinery failure results in loss of business and customers. Unnecessary stress to both the dry cleaning proprietor and their customers means those important wedding garments, party outfits or interview suits are not cleaned and returned on time.

The damaged caused by a single failure can result in loss of long-term business. With these things in mind we have setup emergency plant to cover our own shops and have recently extended its services to other dry cleaning and launderette outlets. With us the customers know that there is a reliable and dependable service they can turn to in case of emergency. When there is a breakdown, dry cleaners can arrange effective repairs in calm and orderly fashion, knowing that their garment collections will be cleaned and pressed to their own high standards. Furthermore we can even take care of collections and deliveries form your premises while your own machinery is being repaired thus taking the stress out of breakdowns.

Costs and rates are negotiated beforehand and dry cleaners can relay on the fact they will not be charged extortionate rates in their hour of need. Please contact our office for details of this service and our dry cleaning and pressing prices.